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Original Post:
by: DarkOmegaZX on Jul 26, 2015

Not really sure yif I can get answers here but let me start off. Name is ZX no thats not my real name.... so to speak. Any ways many years ago myself and friends used to be into the occult. We would practice magic and such as well as delve into other researches. Well something happened and I do not wish to say what but before that happened they put .. for lack of better terms I do apologize.. a barrier spell on me. Its hard to explain but it was not only for external protection but internal confinement. What exactly I don't know. As far as why I am here I am trying to figure out why it was placed upon me. I actually have some control over it. Spells dont work unless I allow them as well as telepathy. No I can't read minds but can protect a thought kinda like a one way line of communication. I heal faster than I should and every year that passes the spell or what ever gets weaker. I know this only because auras become easier and easier to see. There is something else too but not sure what it is but it feels like a part of me I just dont have access to. If anyone here knows anything similar or needs more information I will be happy to supply what I can. Thank you