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Original Post:
by: SilverVang on Jun 11, 2015

So I don't remember a lot from my younger years with my dad, I mostly remember protection stuff since we got attacked by spirits a lot. I've been doing a bit of research on my own for about a year now, but I still feel like I need more guidance. I just don't feel strong enough right now to do anything and I want to build that up. I want to be able to make my own spells, I have confidence I'll be able to do it eventually. I know that this takes practice, and a lot of patience. I wish to do Black Magick though, because I've always had a fascination with it. It's just like it lures me to it, I bet that sounds silly. Any advice is greatly appreciated since I don't have a lot of experience. I suppose I've only showed interest in this stuff because my father always told me I have talent, I just don't use it. Then again...parents are supposed to lie to their kids to make them feel better about themselves when they're young..but if I really have talent then I want to use it