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Original Post:
by: JessicaFirth on Feb 23, 2015

Okay, Heres the thing, i really wanna become a witch, i wanna succesfully perform spells and rituals, i want to feel the power and use it. I just need some guidance please! My great grandmother could sense things happening, she saw the future, apparently she made my mother into a white witch, my mother isnt interested in being a witch... Feel free to message me with ideas, i have read abit about witchcraft and have read a few spells, someone please help me! I am a nearly 16 year old, im english but live in spain, i have a horse and i compete in dressage at a high level, i do not mean harm, i just want to do spells and as i said, feel the power! i also have instagram, so please follow me @jessmanolo is my username, i follow back instantly, please help me!