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Original Post:
by: LadyVatrovia on Feb 16, 2015

Helloj just gonna paste my profile in here......My Wiccan name is "The Lady Vatrovia" mostly called "LadyV" I am 60 years. I am half Italian and half Native American. I have been a practicing solitaire for about 30 years and come from a long line of pagans. I did belong to an online Coven about 15 years ago for a few years. My main interests are of the mind; Meditation, energy projecting and healing, herbs etc...I feel I could bring much to an online coven and hope to learn as well... after all, you can never know everything. I am an animal rights advocate and and advocate for Native rights and I support "AIM", the "American Indian Movement". Born and raised in Daytona Beach Fla, my family is originally from the Dixie Co area near pumpkin Swamp in northern Florida. I raised my family in Louisville Ky and that's more home to me than "home". I now live along the Navajo and Hopi reservation in Winslow AZ. I played in bands all my life, a couple fairly successful ones, I play guitar and I am a professionally trained Vocalist, not a singer. I worked with animals for 30 years as a living along with my music. I raised my three boys alone and raised my granddaughter to the age 14.

Music, animals are parts of my life. The Study of different religions, the Paranormal, astrology, make my own jewelry and native craft, astronomy are hobbies, as well as my flowers and plants.