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Original Post:
by: Abilityx3 on Jan 14, 2015

I am new here and I come here for one reason. Knowledge. A little background on me. In 2010 I died for less than a minute. When I came back from the place I went to when I died, which there are absolutely no words to describe the peace love. I came back with a odd gift. Which scared the living daylights out of me. So much I kept fainting and I couldn't tell the doctors why I kept fainting. I seem to see everything around me. Everything. I don't hold conversations with what I see. I just acknowledge and move on. But, why is it? So here I am. Going to read as much as I can. One thing I did realize and know that the most scariest thing in this world is not the unseen but us humans. Hopefully I am in the right spot but more knowledge is what my goal is, because there has to be a reason for this, I just need to educate myself on more than what I was taught, because that was very wrong.