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Original Post:
by: Nibaki on Sep 12, 2014

Hi everyone! First of all I hope my subject title didn't really offend anyone, as I didn't intend to.

Anyhow! I'm new in here, been checking some stuff now and then for fun, and got carried away by reading all of this. Some of what sounds that can actualy work out, some that does sound quite. . . Like summoning a pokemon, I'm like " Really. . Is that even possible. . " Since as far as I know pokemons aint even a myth, but just created fantasy turned into animated serial, movie. Perhaps I just don't know. Eitherway, I'm here to find as much truth about the summonings and all other spells, as possible. Cause my specific goal is to find a guide for my life-time perhaps, or a helping hand. Also really interesting in summoning something greater than that. But for now I wish to find the most basic and easiest spells ect to do. Just to confirm it for myself, that it's actually possible.

About myself, there is really nothing much to tell. I'm a person who is basicaly doing nothing. And perhaps finding something here, could give me the feel there is something interesting to do.

Thanks for reading, hope we get along. And if you have any advices for very basic spells, chants ect. I'd be more than happy to try them out.