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Original Post:
by: Sandrah on Sep 06, 2014

Another newbie here. I have been looking into all of this a few days, although I have read other things in the past.
I have ALWAYS been very drawn to things such as the following: Nature, Earth, being outdoors, rainstorms, water, waterfalls, beaches, astronomy, gemstones, candles, aromatherapy, essential oils and what they do. Fresh garden grown foods or herbs, I know that is weird, but if it came from a fresh garden, I want to eat it or cook with it. All of these things just attract me somehow. And also anything magical or mystical. My favorite show as a kid was the show "Bewitched" - I never felt I had a true religion or went to church.
Somehow reading and learning about the wiccan, pagan, white magic ways just want me to keep reading and learning more....