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Original Post:
by: Marie_Moon on Sep 01, 2014

Merry Meet everyone!

I am quite new to the site, only a few days old. I hope that I can truly be a part of the community that exists here.

I am currently 21 years old. Growing up I was in a very strict christian home. I was called to the craft around ten or eleven years old. However, being in such a strict christian home, and environment it was very hard to study the craft. I read a bit, maybe dabbled a bit off and on.

Currently, I am living on my own, so I can now delve deeper into my beliefs, and the craft. I am able to express myself, have the tools, books, etc that I need to strengthen my spirituality. Although I am on my own now, and I can freely practice the craft. I am not out of the broom closet, at least not with everyone. My family does not know, but my close girlfriend as a bit of an idea. She went to the pagan festival with me last Sunday. Which by the way, was absolutely amazing. I loved getting together with other pagans, and witches, and learning from the classes that were held.

As for my spirituality and my beliefs. I don't really label myself, I don't think it is important to put a label on myself. I do know I am a pagan, I know I am a witch, and I know that I am solitary, and that will most likely never change. As for what I practice etc, the closest label I find would probably be a chaos witch. My spirituality is filled with freedom, creativity, constant growth and research. Therefore, that is one reason why I don't want to put a true label on myself. The reason being that my spirituality is going to grow, I am going to learn new things. I don't want to label myself and then change it every time I learn something new and change my label. So for now I am sincerely a Pagan Witch.

Just a few things that I study passionately would be tarot cards, and energy work/mediation. I am always studying more information, more techniques, more things to try, and listening to wiser people than myself. I am also interested in astral planes/travel, I have a Native American ancestry, so I also want to learn more about my tribe (Blackfeet Native Americans). I want to learn more about their language, mythology, folklore, way of life, history etc.

Now for more personal hobbies, that I do put into my craft, but were always a part of who I am would be an Artist. I love art, I am going to college for art. Art is my life, it is the air I breathe. I am also a large bookworm and writer. I love writing, and I love reading. I go through books like water through a screen. I keep many journals for many different things, I am always drawing or writing down what is going on in my head. Which I find very therapeutic.

So that is a bit about myself, if you have questions please ask. Other than that I hope to get to know many of you, and contribute to the community here.

~Love and light to you all