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Original Post:
by: BeingMe83 on May 08, 2014


This is the first forum I have ever been on so I hope I get the rules all ok. I have read the newbie central bit and lots of other areas, articles and other posts. The Coven's seem great and I was drawn to a couple but right now I am really enjoying reading and learning.

I look forward to sharing and hope to find somewhere to fit it and share, be part of the site. I discovered Angels, not personally lol but I realised they were there around 5 years ago and I share my world with them. I have been on a long and very bumpy spiritual journey and only recently have I actually listened enough to get here. There is no going back for me now, after reading things here I feel at home - don't mean to sound cheesy but I don't know how else to describe it.

Apart from angels, I am a singing nut. I run a free weekly singing group and drama workshops for children in our local community. Teaching or watching other's learn is almost as special to me as when I learn something new.

I love the sky, clouds, stars and especially sun set and evening - the moon. Nature captivates me, sometimes a view here is overpoweringly beautiful. I am very crafty, I like making things, special things that have a value other than money. I am quite old fashioned in a sense and very very family orientated. I am a helper, I help. I volunteer a lot of my time to working on my local area and making it more of an inspiration to future generations.

Ever since I was little I have experienced things that I were told were weird, untrue or my imagination. It never stopped. I am ok with it, always have been but I just wish I knew what I was being told most of the time and why lol So that I guess is why I am here. To learn as much as possible and work on my own self, but also to actually talk about these things to people that understand.

I am interested to learn about most areas, I am very open minded. I am taking time to learn myself, get a grip of centring myself - I have been able to ground myself for several years but never tried anything else and tbh I used it as a way of literally bringing my head back down to earth as I get very passionate about things and it can really turn my head and be exhausting.

Looking forward to interacting with you all.

Nice to meet you :)