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Original Post:
by: shaibaby on May 04, 2014

Hello everyone, some of you may know me and others may not. I am Shaibaby; I was once apart of the coven Christian Wiccans,but I lost touch and myself. I am a bit lost in life. I really do not know what to do. But my start will be to come home. If it wasn't for me to be here I wouldn't be letting myself be known again so this is the start. I did stop practicing due to the Oh so great power of love "I got my heart broke" isn't that such a great feeling.. But yea, I was so wrapped up in him; I forgot about my family here and at home. It was a huge mistake, like I said, I lost all connection, all my abilities, powers, feels as if I lost everything. BUT here I stand, I'M taking a stand to build myself up. :) hope everyone is doing well, blessed be.