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Original Post:
by: KimmieSek on Apr 05, 2014

Hello friends.

My name is Kimmie and I am originally from Florida born and raised. I was divorced a couple of years ago and wanted to start completely new without knowing anyone etc so now I am in a little town called Rocky Face, Georgia about 20 mins from the Tennessee line.

I was practicing for about 3 years before my move, after my move I did NOT have ANY of my tools so for the past 2 years I have not done any practicing at all. FINALLY about 2 months ago ALL my items were sent up here including ALL my Wicca items. I have set my Altar up, my book shelves, put up all my herbs, oils, etc. But I have yet to do any real work.

I am wanting to, I just don't know how to start again and I don't know why but I have forgotten many things. I have 100's of reference books on Wicca/Oils/Herbs/Candle Magic (which I am more drawn to.)

I haven't even saged my new home or surrounding which I know is long over due.

Any help or gudiance would be greatly welcomed!

Blessed Be!