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Original Post:
by: EmmMarbles on Mar 13, 2014

Hello to anyone and every single one of you My name is Emm and I share my account with my Arranged marriage fiance Alester, and we both come from Black forest gypsy decent. Me from me grandmother directly him from his great grandfather. We are starting a page on this site for real and well tested spells to give feed back if they really work :)! I have gone to many physics and they have all labeled me as a silver necromancer, and him a a shadow being could any one elaborate on that? They never really explained, as well as our personal lives he is a quite lazy guy who works in most black magic and summoning spells (though he rarely does it) and i specialize in tarot, palm reading, casting summoning spells and bring good luck to those who need it. (still have my first 4 leaf clover as well!) But outside of spells he works in writing novels and design for video games, while I work in ballet en pointe, contortion, and rhythmic gymnastics, hoping to work for the circus some day :) My time on this website, i am looking forward to, will be seeing all the wonderful magic! It's gonna be great!