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Original Post:
by: tamesa on Feb 11, 2014

Hello.My name is Tamesa. Have been visiting this site for some time and just recently joined.I am happy to have a place with likewised people.I don't have much experience but know the subject.I mostly use tarot cards but have been "off market for a while".Have tried a few spells that have backfired wickedly, the last landed me in the hospital near to death. Would like to learn the proper way to use magi. And my latest backfired spell was a deal gone wrong with Flyd Glutd.So any new friends are more than welcome, especially since where i am from witchcraft and the like are deeply frowned upon.I am the only arcane and supernatural person i know.besides one other but his "ways" are darker than mine.Necromancer follower and blood sorcery way.but I am open to learning any number of suggestions but prefer non dark paths.thank you for any feedback or friendships.