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Original Post:
by: ica8908 on Dec 03, 2013

Like most newcomers, I'm reading into Wicca. I was raised in a southern Christian family and I've always felt suffocated in that religion. After a few years of soul searching and studying I've found myself at the Wiccan doorstep.

So far I really like the feel of it. I like how the gods and goddesses are viewed as equal and live within you instead of on some far away celestial plane. I'm currently reading a few highly recommended titles like the solitary practitioner, but have yet to make my way through its entirety. The more I read the more I like. Right now, I'm terrified of mentioning my curiosity to my family and a little hesitant to tell even my closest of friends. So for now, the internet will have to be my safeguard.

I've tried a few rituals, like cleansing my house and a protection spell. I feel really at ease afterwords even if I feel uncertain during the act. I suppose that's beginner jitters. What I'd really like however is just a push in the right direction, I suppose. Am I doing this "right" and I insulting a deity? etc. The whole lot of energy manipulation is rather confusing, and I've never been one to calm my mind and meditate. So I suppose that has a lot to do with it.

Anyway, not to chat your ear off in a introduction message, but I feel its nice to state how I got to this point. :)