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Original Post:
by: TrevorJames on Jul 22, 2013

first of all im a first level reiki practitioner.
i can talk to animals and the dead im a very spiritual i meditate a lot and i would like to learn more about an incident that happened when i was young when i was like 7 or 8 i was lying in bed and the energy in the room was pulsating and really intense then a face popped up he had a pale long face with a large nose and he was wearing a jesters hat with skulls instead of bells.

anyway then he pulled out his hand and slid out a card from behind it which was the ace of spades then from behind that card he slid out the ace of diamonds then he slid that one in front of the other and told me to put it somewhere.

so i put it on my wrist and i've now got a perfect diamond in my veins.

then he gave me the spade and i put it on my ankle and i've also got a birth mark there too.

weird as if anyone knows or has heard of anything like that happening could you please drop me a message it would be much appreciated.