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Original Post:
by: darkfantasy on May 18, 2024

Hi, so I've been having a serious problem since 2019 and have been going through great suffering. I still don't know how this happened till this day but I've been fighting it and unable to find help since people are scared and inexperienced and never encountered this situation. A demon entered me and has been dwelling inside of my body. when it first happened there was a strong smell was coming off of me. I was having visions and my body was twisting/bending in ways I'm unable to and it was physically hurting me. people tried to pray with me several times but nothing happened. there's so much resistance. my symptoms are blurred vision, I feel a crawling sensation in my eyes, my face twitches cheeks mainly and center of forehead and feet always moves on it's own. this entity breathes through my nose I can hear the sound of air coming out my nose that isn't mine. and also a snake sounds comes up into my vocal cords, growling, groaning, female, Male voices and a deep laughing voice along with a language speaking things I don't understand. I don't know what else to do and I'm seeking someone on here who is experienced with knowing what kind of spirit this is? It's always angry and shows the emotions it feels in my eyes and makes faces on it's own in the mirror and looks back at me. it literally treats my body like it's own. I feel like I'm in such bondage. also my intimate feelings have diminished. I can't feel my own feelings all I feel is the emotions of what this entity is projecting. I feel so defeated and I've been living like this in silence for these years.I can't say these things to just anyone because most haven't encountered an actual entity like this and would think I'm crazy. since it manifest in such a supernatural way. if anyone on here knows some resources where I can get this entity expelled or can give me some guidance and tell me what this is and what's going on please let me know thanks. I'm so drained, tired and exhausted.