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Original Post:
by: JackalFoot on Jul 04, 2022

Blessing to all

I have a few question regarding Familiars, some might be long but I think mostly it will be yes/no answers. And yes before I start I have read the informative article " Of Fetches and Familiars " on the site.

Is a Familiar a lifelong relationship or can they come and go as describe by a Fetch.
Is it possible the "spirit" that who you work with, be a familiar, and you only realized it years later(more info will be given).

For me personally a familiar is always in animal form said - energy, spiritual, physical. And I was wondering if your guarding spirit and familiar can have a close(Bond, connections or even relations)
Reason why a from a young age and still now, I was obsess with Ancient Egypt specifically Anubis. Later in life it dawn on be the reason why I was obsess is that Anubis was on my guarding spirits. As I did a past life mediation session and learn that he protected me when I was some sort of priest(which I don't know) in Egypt and Protecting me in this life form a distance. And when I was in my late teen I had a Spiritual Jackal following me around a night normally when I walk home after going out club etc. which I just associated with Anubis. Which I was wrong, hence the question in top of this post. How I knew the Jackal use to follow me around and this sound weird, is that my aura or that my energy close to my body felt like was turning into the Jackal itself. For Example my ears felt pointy and my nails felt the claws although it did not physically happen, the best why to describe it was I felt like I was wearing a invisible Jackal coat. And the dogs use to bark and it also felt like my sense of hearing and sight also heighten. By that has passed as I do not travel at night that often and certainly don't walk in these dangerous times.

Does the symbolism of the animal still stands, and is it possible that a familiar of yours work through someone else like a partner.

And I am not sure if this is a spiritual realm joke, but all the spiritual creatures I come into contact or contact me are always link to omen of bad news and death.

Thank you all
Many Blessing