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Original Post:
by: JackalFoot on Feb 18, 2022

Good day

I would like to know if there can be a connection between sensing/feeling seeing spirits and dreaming about them.

Reason why is that I am very sensitive to "other world" energy. The thing is that our place is very well protected as both me and my other half practice although we don't follow the same path. My other half is more on the Healing, Breaking Curses/Hexes and Demonology where as I am more Herbs/Colors/Animals. So our place is so to say double protected.

Basically the story goes as follows. We live in gated townhouse area and for the passed with month the complex had a lot of move in and moves out. Well also having issue with a unknown neighbor cat that keeps coming into our house and picking fight with our cat. And then I keep have a dream where a Male shadow figure is haunting the staircases outside.

Does this mean anything, are there any connections/Links or I am just reading into to much that there is more then it actually is.