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Original Post:
by: User611912 on Sep 08, 2021


Last night I had what seems like a paranormal experience. I was sitting in the car in the passenger seat, when the lights came on. I looked around trying to find a source for this. I then smelt what smells like orchids. I have smelt this before as well in the bathroom earlier this year. A scent with no source. Orchids do not grow in the area. The previous time I caught scent of it there was snow still on the ground. I got out of the car to go inside and something in the car moved as if being tossed about. I began to walk inside and a pebble was tossed at my feet.

This experience had shaken me up a bit.

I want to look into the history of this place. In the meantime I am wondering if anyone has any advice?

I am not certain what to do about this.