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Original Post:
by: Nycto_Fire on Jun 02, 2020

A few weeks ago, I drove alone to my best friend's country home. It was late, dark, and im not gonna lie a little spooky. To get you guys to really see what I saw I'll describe her property alittle better. Her house is on a gravel road, off a side road of our towns main road that leads to a highway about 20 miles away from the closest "city", if you can call it that. So it safe to say, she lives in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees and missouri winter night silence. Its usual to see a dear or goose by her home that over sees her family pond but it is relatively rare in the wintertime.
The pond had yet freez over, so when my cars headlights hit the surface of the water, it was reflected out and lit the slight clearing in the trees, and thats when I saw it.
It gives me chills describing it, almost like I'm no suppose to? It? He? He feels better.
He was white almost blindingly so in the light of my headlights and he was down by the freezing water, running away. Thats the worst part, how it ran. Its limbs were thin as bone and almost comedicly long and bent. Like most stories I've heard in passing about the "not dear", which is not a scary enough name, I thought it was a dear at first but my brain knew It was just a mutilated interpretation of the well known woodland creature. The legs bent backwards, the eyes huge and solid black, and the feeling of pure dread that finds its way up my throat everytime I think of him.
He watches me in my dreams. He's never the focal point in them but he's always there watching, silent and in the background. I want him gone. I NEED him gone.
Its made me paranoid while Im awake. Can anyone help or give information?