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Original Post:
by: Neulife on Aug 26, 2019

After trying to astral project again a few weeks ago, I believe I've attracted something that has unfriendly intentions.

I woke at 5 am Sunday whichnight is strange as recently I've been sleeping without waking up at all until 8.

During this waking up the first thing that happened was a voice in my head, I was so tired that I'm still unsure if it was my own thought but I heard "you are being watched" and I felt very intense feelings of just that. As I continued to lay in my bed with the slight worry of being watched I recognized a new feeling that whatever was watching me was aware that I knew I was being watched.

Then I fell back asleep. Now last night I tried to meditate and use my energy as I told it to leave. I really don't know how to cleanse myself. I only recently got interested in astral projecting and I've not really took the time to make precaution.

I thought it worked but every time I eat till I'm full today, I feel like I'm not getting the energy from the food and become hungry again soon after, followed by fatigue and exhaustion. I feel like my breathing is harder and my head is light.

I remember a post earlier in this week regarding something similar and now I feel the same has happened to me. That I've attracted a parasitic entity that's using my energy. How do I rid of it? How do I do a proper cleansing?