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Original Post:
by: M.White on Jun 03, 2019

I am not sure this is the right place in the Forum where to discuss this, but hopefully, it is close enough.
I would like to share with you something really weird that is happening to me lately and ask for advice, as it is not really a field where I am experienced.
Last week, the spouse of a very good friend of mine has committed suicide. Everything came as a shock to all of us as they were quite happy and none of us knew that he is mentally unstable. Of course, we all overthought everything and went to the funeral and tried to stay strong for my friend I was telling you about.
The first night, I had a weird dream. I was in his garden with him and he told me to take care of her and be there for her and that he regrets committing suicide and that I should give her a helping hand. After I woke up I felt quite normal. I even ignored the dream, as we all know, when you think about something long enough, dreaming it is inevitable. And I didn't read too much into it.
Now, the last few days I had many exams and I didn't think about him or the situation at all. And today in the evening, after finishing my last exam for the day, I came home and went to sleep. But before falling asleep I had this weird out-of-body experience, in which I was with him on a rogue planet. I knew it wasn't real, it felt like I was astral projecting. But I did not want to or want to be there. And he was looking at me and I felt like breathing got harder and harder and it was a lot of dust that was burning my throat. And he got closer and touched me. At that point, we were in front of his house and everything was like a memory that never happened. He was alive and well and kissed me on the cheek and we were saying good'bye like I was leaving their house. The moment I left that place, both of us were back on the rogue planet and he slapped me and I opened my eyes and started breathing like I hold my breath the whole time.
Does anyone have any idea what is this supposed to mean? Is he trying to send me a message? How can someone have this experience without wanting to? What is your opinion on this matter?
Thank you guys so much in advance :)
Be blessed.