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Original Post:
by: VHemlock on Feb 13, 2019

Once again this site seems to be full of teenagers thinking summoning demons is a good and wise choice. can one of you say why? Did you see something on tv and think "Wow cool". or did you get mad at your parents want to punish them? Or another friend or loved one.

What you do has consequences. Some you could not even imagine. I have meet several people throughout the years who spent a lot of time going after what you know seek. And I found nothing but broken and shattered minds left in the wake of their pursuit for control over demons.

Also you have to keep in mind they are millions of years older than you. They know all the tricks you do not. Your what 14,15 16 maybe? You read a book or two, you think you know it all. So go ahead little ones you will find out soon it was a very bad choice.