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Original Post:
by: Vernidia on Sep 06, 2018

Somethings you need to know before reading:
1) I do not have a mental illness of any sorts that would cause me to hallucinate in any way.
2) I live in Southwest Colorado and I have lived here for 3 years.
3) I go out in nature a lot and respect it.
4) My family lives in the forest on a mountain and our neighbors are nowhere near us.

Now to my story.

A couple of months ago (May to be exact), I was cleaning my room at night. I opened up my windows as it can get pretty hot in my room, even with the A/C on. I finished cleaning my room and closed most of my windows except for the one by my bed. I wanted to let in some fresh air while I slept. I soon fell asleep.

A couple of hours past until I was awoken suddenly. Not by any noise or movement, just suddenly. I thought I had to pee or something but my body didn't feel like it had to. What I did feel, however, is something inside me saying, "Don't move. Stay quiet." over and over. So,I stayed quiet and not moving.

That is when I heard a sound like an empty tin can being dragged across the stone steps outside my open window. The sound would move up and down the steps as if pacing. This went on for about ten minutes if I had to guess. Then it went quiet. But only for a moment. Soon, a flute-like howl filled the air. The howl sounded like: OOOOOHH-WAAAAAAA-OOOOOO. Not a moment later, I heard a response call from the other side of the forest where I usually go to. The response was the same flute-like howl.

I didn't move the whole time this was happening. Partly because of the feeling and partly because I was terrified. The feeling didn't go away for a few more minutes. When it did, I immediately shut the window and jumped into my bed again with my phone to tell some friends what just happened. I assumed I had experienced an episode of sleep paralysis and would talk to a doctor about it in the morning. I soon fell asleep again.

Here is where it gets weird. Mother let out our dog in the morning. But our dog ran, barking like crazy to my side of the house. More specifically, she ran to where the noises came from. For the rest of the day, our dog patrolled around the house as if she was waiting for something. At the end of the day, she was back to her old self again. That night, a friend replied to me saying that the same thing happened to her, noises and all. We still don't know what happened.

I can confirm that this wasn't some animal. I know every sound every animal here can make and I know those sounds well. I believe I have run into some supernatural creature, given the past of this place. I think I ran into a wendigo or something. I know people on the forums have asked about these sorts of creatures and most replies dismiss them. But I KNOW what I heard and none of you can tell me otherwise.

I need to know: What kind of supernatural creature can this be and how to I take care of it? Any info will be helpful. I know it happened months ago, but I still cannot shake it off.