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Original Post:
by: IrishPsycho on Feb 02, 2018

Hello, recently I delved into the world of using subliminal messages/hypnosis to help with day to day things until I came across a video that said it could simulate s*xual intercourse with an incubus (essentially not summon one but still feel like it is 'doing it' with you. Long story short, I now feel as if the simulation was real and has, in fact, summoned an incubus to me. Evidence:
As I was falling asleep in bed I could feel being watched by something.
I could feel my stomach being pressed on and other parts of my body being held.
I saw some sort of demonic entity in my dream, as well as things that 'help me' if you get the jist of it.
Plus I woke up in a sweat, slightly wet (not just sweat?)

Any ideas on what this is would be appreciated as it is very unnerving for me.