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Original Post:
by: User502702 on Jun 29, 2017

This creature/animal showed itself to me through my sleep. Well the animal last night had a strange way of showing itself to me. I was on a farm and there was this cage and apparently I was supposed to have chickens go into the cage, so once I got that information the chickens turned into goats and started to go into the cage. And once of the goats fell through a hole that was in the cage an went into a hole that was underground. I didn't hear the goat anymore or could see where the hole led to. So I dismissed it. Then I was about to leave the whole field when the farmers wife asked me where the goat was. Then I heard the cry's of the goat so I panicked because if the goat was still in the hole in the ground then it could be sufficating, so I just knew I needed to save it in my heart. And then the whole whole dry field started to turn into mud and rain started to pour down on me, I raced to the hole where the goat feel into and reached my hands in there while the goat could have been either sufficated or drowned from the rain and mud going into the hole. I grabbed the goat by the back hooves and pulled him out with all my strength and when I heard the goat not make any sounds is when I pulled just right and instead of a goat coming out of the hole a Very bright lizard that was yellow with red and black on it that had a hood around it's neck that was black which made me realize it was poisonous, but I just sat there while the Creature just stared back at me.