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Original Post:
by: Goth4Gotten on Apr 23, 2017

Hello everyone,
I am new here so excuse my lack of knowledge.
I am seeking help and information.
Since I was a kid I felt like I have someone/something with me, like a friend, a protector. It is to note that I am a loner, so I always thought of it as an imaginary friend, or some angels that I created in my mind for amusement.
Now, all grown up, I still feel like there is a presence that is around me, helping me, sometimes guiding me. It's as if I am never alone and there is some energy or force with me.

I come from a Muslim background, so in my poor mind, they call them either Djins, or consort (? I'm not sure about this, in Arabic they call them "Qareen قرين" which is some kind of creature that always follows you and writes your story). Djins and "Qareen"s are two different things, I know, so I am confused and want to know what is that energy or thing that is with me.

Also, I lately met this girl who has multiple Djins as followers, she can control them. I feel like she directed one of them to me. Because I feel restless lately and as if surrounded with negative and bad energy.

If anyone can help me with information, or spells or practices I can do to know or protect myself or anything, everything is welcome.
This can even be all in my head as I am under a lot of stress lately. All so confusing...
Thank you and sorry for the long post.