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Original Post:
by: Kristoph on Nov 21, 2016

I would be considered a newbie by many of you. For a long time I have used this site as a reference point for many minor differences in my usual connections. My family is descendant of gypsies and Celts, because of this, let's just say I was a magnet before I could mask my presence properly. I know the vast difference of a spirit, demon, and angel. I have come across a fair amount of shadow men, my old family called them mothmen. Sorry for bringing them up. Since I can remember, at least 15 years, I have been accompanied by two things. One only surfaces when I sleep, the other used to be there always but recently he is quiet. I still sense him strongly, however, it is harder to communicate and channel him. I am wanting to speak directly to someone of open mind about this, someone of experience and age. Please, no new age fanatics. They are the reason I have avoided speaking till now. I come from an old fashioned blood line that dabbled and practice many different forms of magicks.