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Original Post:
by: User467819 on Oct 12, 2016

He was in my dreams.. A voice of a male said I'd be able to kill everyone I love easily as long as I let them close to me.. I'm in a attic now. there was a mirror in the dream, when I looked into my reflection there was a extra half of face on my head... where the back of my head should be full if hair, There was half of a face with a eye and a mouth. A shadow dark figure started to yell at me for some reason that i dont remember, then he grabbed my head with his hand that seemed like the only part of his body i could make out-(long, skinny, with long sharp nails) then he shaped twisted and shaped my face. then when i looked back into the mirror i looked normal. That man announced throughout the ancient attic we were in " now no one can see the hideous part of your face"... and I am scared of what it all means.. It was a lucid dream, but i had no control of the scenery.. someone help. I need to understand this.