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Original Post:
by: Melthan on Aug 11, 2016

So, there are many different perspectives of the Dragons. The long Elegant Lungs of Asia, The Fairy-tale inspiring European, and the Exotic feather dragons of Central and South America. These are 3 examples of many many different types of Dragons, and this confirms one thing. Dragons are mentioned in Mythology and Folklore almost everywhere, and many Draconic followers/enthusiasts use this as their go-to argument for their existence. It's a fair argument that does hold merit in conversation, but then comes the black sheep that is Dragon Magick. I am going to try and Clarify some key notes so potential Practitioners start on a better path.

1. Why it's sometimes frowned upon.
While Dragons have been found everywhere in the world, Dragon Magick hasn't; it's what I'd still call unexplored territory. I've seen some possibly credible resources like D.J. Conway, yet I've also seen the pool diluted by people following a 'Dungeons and Dragons' approach to Dragons classifying them into Elements and Metal colors; this is a viable method as Dragons do have elements and different colored scales however, it's sometimes being done in rather silly fashions with people choosing fantasy over history.

2. Mythology Versus Fantasy.
Take Tiamat for example, in DnD she is a 5 headed Dragon who is super powerful. In Mesopotamian Mythology, where Tiamat's name comes from, Tiamat is a primordial goddess of the Ocean, who is SEEN as a symbol of chaos not the Goddess of Chaos. In fact she is most often described as the symbol of femininity and beauty in the form of a woman. Some sources call her a dragon or sea serpent; this was because there were two parts of her Mythology, one where she is human, another where she is a Dragon/sea serpent.

3. Informed Versus Misinformed
Practitioners often try to contact this Chaos Dragon Tiamat, I believe that they don't find the Dragon Goddess but rather a different entity posing as a Goddess of Chaos. This is why it's important to do some research into actual Mythology, find the lore into the being you want to contact. It's one reason why I may be considered a polar opposite to other Practitioners, I'd rather know who I am working with rather than go on blind or rather misinformed faith. Some may say "You'll never know them otherwise!" but when you learn their Mythology you can really specify who you are calling during rituals or meditation.

4. Dragon Heirarchy? Does it exist?
Unfortunately, some people are diluted by this power heirarchy of Dragons, with say a green wyvern on bottom, and a Gemstone Drake on top. It's true, Dragons have a heirarchy but it relies on more than just sheer power. If you have done some research, you might've seen that Dragons live in societies called Clans. This by far seems to be the most credible one as Dragons are diverse like humans are. Clans are extremely important to Dragons, as they are considered to be extended family. Clans often have their heirarchy set with a Harbinger leading the clan, a Mystic, A Healer, Den mother's, Warriors, Scryers/Scholars, Craftsman, so on in no particular order. This seems more correct when compared to a Monarchy, as no Dragon can easily overpower the other. Which is probably why Lungs, and Europeans are still around.

5. Draconian Code Versus Draconic Code
So, I've seen people follow a Draconian Code rather than the Draconic Code. After research and what I've considered to be historically accurate is rather different from what I've heard some people say. Draconian Code, or according to Greek history, Draconian Law is an extremely harsh punishment code that originated from Ancient Greek Athens Scribe Draco. If I were to steal fruit from a stand, boom off with my head (Death). This pales in comparison to the Draconic Code, which in essence there is no single "One True Draconic Code" but rather a unique code for each unique clan. A Draconic Code is often a set of guidelines for you once you've either joined or formed a Clan. An example of Draconic Code is something like this
"1. In all that you do consider its benefit or harm to yourself, your family, and your Clan.
2. Your duty is always to yourself, your family, and your Clan.
3. Be honest with yourself and others and let them know you will not accept anything but honesty in return. You should always strive to be above reproach or criticism in the eyes of the world" quoted from

6. What is Dragon Magick?
So, this question pops up alot. What is Dragon Magick, How does it work, Can I learn it now, Do I get my own Dragon? That last bit is a little silly, but here goes... Dragon Magick is... Magick. It relies on the same style rituals that Wiccan Magick does, but the main difference is that you are calling upon the spirits of Dragons for assistance instead of deities or any other form of spirit. For example, say I wanted to cast a Money spell to grant me financial assistance. Dragons are fond of gold so they can help as long as you aren't greedy, but it truly becomes Dragon Magick when you call upon a Dragon for assistance. I draw my circle, light my candle, meditate, visualize, maybe draw a Sigil, chant a phrase, and maybe it'll work, but say I added the step where I called upon Fafnir (For example purposes only, don't really call Fafnir), if he is willing to help boom. Dragon Magick.

7. If I want to Learn Dragon Magick, Where should I start?
While many paths say to learn by yourself through practice, and study, with Dragon Magick I'd recommend learning with a master or atleast following in someone's footsteps. Again D.J. Conway on Amazon would be my recommendation for books, and if you are lucky enough to find someone who does follow the Draconic Code, and is on the Draconic Path (Which you will be able to see after a few key words) then try to learn from them. This doesn't mean that you can't learn alone but it is infinitely harder without guidance.

Hopefully this should answer some questions you might have. One more thing I'll mention briefly, Dragon Spirit Guides do exist, and all followers will find one if the Dragon wants to be found. That's a topic for another time though. Before you ask me to teach you, please note that I do not simply teach anyone as it's part of my code, I can't teach anyone until they are deemed worthy.