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Original Post:
by: tawny.tituba on Nov 05, 2015

So I'm not exactly sure, but I think maybe I was attacked by an Incubus last night in my sleep. I had a rather vivid dream that felt insanely real, right down to scent and movement and I remember feeling myself breathe. I'm used to having vivid dreams, but this was something else. In my dream, I was being held down by a very large man, and I was telling him to stop. I was crying, pushing at him, but he forced himself on me. I felt pain, and I felt everything. I felt where he was touching me... And thinking on it, I'm fairly certain it was an Incubus that attacked me. I've attempted work with demons in the past, so perhaps I had invited him into my life at one of those points and he only just now took advantage of that welcome? I'm not sure... Any help would be amazing.