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Original Post:
by: DragonCry145 on Aug 22, 2015

okay so i have been trying to find my spirit animal for about two to three days now and i dont know if i have found it or not
okay so first i tried one guided meditation /sp?/ and it lead me to a beach with a rock in the middle of the beach and behind the rock was a black wolf but it changed into a greyish brown wolf and so i asked it what its name was but he/she didnt talk to me just whimpered because it knew i was leaving /i didnt want to/ but i felt like it was a he he was really pretty /that sounds weird since im saying that about a guy/
so i tried a different video because i thought i was just imagining thing and this one is really interesting
so i imaged a forest and i was running through the forest and i came across this river that i knew i couldnt have made up so the river was not to fast and not to slow and it had rocks only on the left side almost like a walkway the river lead to a cave but the cave was more like a very short tunnel and a man was sitting on one of the rocks playing a flute /he was an indian/ and so i asked him where my spirit animal was but i couldnt hear myself talking i coulld only see myself talking and so the man pointed in a direction and i followed so i start walking down the path it was a rocky path on both sides ot the area with bushed and grass in the middle /it was very wide/ and so i started walking down and an image of a bear flashed before my eyes it was a grizzly bear and it was looking at me but the image quiqly dissapeared so i continued walking and a picture of a caribu poped up andf then dissapered so finally i made it to the top of where the path lead and there were two blocks of rocks one was small almost like a chair or small table and the second one was large so i turned around and the greyish brown wolf was there and the name Ingus just hit me but then oi stopped /again i didnt wanna stop/
so todayy i tried it with only music /native american music/ sant i went to the river and cave from before but the only thing i got was me dancing and singing with the indian tribe that ouccupated the land

am i meditating correctly

please help