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Original Post:
by: AnteroVipu on Jul 12, 2015

Hello, I was just a little confused about one thing...

When I visit a forest, I can feel how the forest is feeling or what it feels about me. Y'know, I can tell when the forest wants me to go away, when it welcomes me as an old friend or when it's giving me protection while I'm roaming in the forest. I was just wondering, if it's the forest himself, or other spirits in the forests, like fairies or elves or ghosts... (there's an ancient cemetery in the forest, so I believe there is some sorts of spirits...). And then there's this: Sometimes, when I come into the forest, and it gives me this feeling, I really shouldn't be there, I sometimes run to a giant rock, near to the old cemetery, where I get this really nice and secured feeling... I think there's some sort of a merry spirit in that rock or the trees near to it, because it is never trying to make me leave. What do you think? I dunno if a forest itself can have a spirit, but I know there can be some other spirits in the forest... I'm just a little confused, that's all! Thank you, if you can little bit cleare my mind on what I'm working with :) And it would be cool if someone else can feel the forest like I do!