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Original Post:
by: wyldwoodfaye on May 27, 2015

I believe that I am being harassed by a malevolent spirit or demon. I have experienced night terrors every year since I was a child (about 8 years old?).

The most disturbing thing is that there are instances when I am fully conscious & have not fallen asleep yet & do not feel sleepy at all... & I will feel the sensation of someone sitting on the end of my bed (I can feel the mattress sink), or the feeling of my comforter being slowly pulled off the bed, or the sensation of weight (like a hand, or something crawling) moving up my leg...

There have been a couple times where I was on my laptop & sitting up, either home alone or my mom is asleep in her bedroom (same floor as me) & I can hear something moving downstairs... it sounds like a chair being dragged across the floor, or someone bumping into the furniture. FYI we do not have cats & my dog is in my bedroom with me...

One time I saw a "shadow man" standing beside my bed, staring at me in a malicious manner. I have also sensed an overwhelmingly strong sinister presence in my bedroom while I was 100% conscious (I had just shut down my laptop & placed it on the floor when I became aware of it). I have never before & likely will never again experience such terror. I felt paralyzed with fear & yet a strong urge to flee. I managed to leave my bedroom, on very slow, wobbly, rubber legs though I wanted to run. One disturbing incident just occurred a few months ago. I was laying in bed (asleep?) & a man? was in bed laying next to me. He was massaging my neck & it felt AMAZING. I cannot adequately describe how REAL it felt. I wanted it to never end, yet I was surprised at how real & good it felt (I believed myself to be dreaming). I lifted my head off of the bed & turned to look at "him." I tell you it was as if I was truly awake & still I am not sure whether I was or not. My bedroom appeared just as it would visually if I was in fact awake. Except for the FACELESS "man" in my bed! As soon as I saw him, his grip on the back of my neck tightened & I felt a sharp, pinching pain. I was terrified & paralyzed. I struggled (in my mind) & thought WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP! Finally I was able to move & kicked my blankets off, jumping out of bed. I did not feel as though I "woke up;" it was a seamless awareness, which is why I cannot say whether I was asleep or not during the incident. The creepiest part was that I noticed that my neck was hurting a lot, just as if someone had pinched it like the faceless man did.

I suffer from insomnia due to these experiences. I often stay up late until 6am, since I only feel safe sleeping during the day. Sometimes I merely leave a light on. Sometimes I do not sleep that night, or the next night...

I also sometimes have disturbing sexual dreams, that I am "enjoying" while I am having them, but I feel completely disgusted & confused when I awake. The content of these dreams are not anything that I would be even remotely interested in & would be quite repulsed by. I will not share what these dreams involved, as they are that vile. I have read that some spirits/demons can cause you to have disturbing nightmares or sexual dreams...

I have basically zero experience with magic. So I need extremely simple spells that a newbie could try. Although I have dabbled a bit with tarot cards (readings for myself that tend to be accurate) & I have had accurate dreams that I could describe as psychic? So I feel as though I have some untapped "skill" in this area?

Also I have very little money. I do have some sage, some tiny crystals that I bought for balancing my chakras, as well as a pendulum (that have been "charged" & purified).

One thing I should note is that these experiences are not limited to my home. I have also had experiences at friends' houses. So I also need some spells that protect me, not just my home.