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Original Post:
by: Thewatermage on May 30, 2014

Out of all the many possibilities and magick in this world, there is only one thing that fascinates me more than anything else: The Fae Folk.

No, I am not the kind of person that wants to "steal" their power, or want a spell to grow wings and fly (I was born a human and I will die one) I simply want to gain knowledge on the topics of the Fae.

1. Can everyone see them?
I see sites that say that only a few special people are born with the "sight" is that referring to your mind's eye...?

2. Any good way to attract the Fae?
I'd like to see one, or even possibly have a conversation with one.

3. Do they only exist on the astral plane?

If any could just answer these questions and give any information of what the Fae like, help with be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Blessed Be~