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Original Post:
by: Angelical on Jul 13, 2023

Ukuphahla is kind of the Art of opening yourself up to your Ancestors. Imphepho is used which was the original Human Bedding, you can also start to study Xhosa Tea and things along with this. In Ukuphahla ceremonies you will Burn the Imphepho not different than a White Sage smudging, the Sage Burning can be seen as Cleaning an area for Rituals and things, to send away Bad Spirits. The Imphepho on the other hand is used for Ukuphahla which is to call the Ancestors closer you could say.

Usually in modern Times Candles are used, but I have before made different mixtures of Wax and Imphepho, Beeswax and Saponification is what I have found to be kind of the most effective for calling Ancestors and things.

A kind of technique to maybe practice during Ukuphahla or after would be to look into Puddles of Water and things at Light, Particularly the Moon, and kind of ask for Answers to Questions.