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Original Post:
by: newhope777 on Sep 24, 2017

A couple months back I went on a spree of research and different ways to try to get winning lottery numbers from other side.

One of the ways was offering Hecate (to those believers)
eggs at a cross road. And those Chants I read online, and my own chants. Nothing happened where I would assume it was Hecate. Or winning the lottery. I received an owl in my dream not too long after at the place in real life where I offered her eggs. I researched it and turns Out owl could be a messenger from Hecate.

recently I felt I should had won the lottery. I woke up had dreams, someone won that day felt strongly about winning, and someone won in the street that I had bought it from.
But it was not me.

I then meditated again, and fell asleep. Had a nightmare about finding a radio to contact the other side for winning numbers, but the radio instead was telling me of tragic, disgusting, errie stories, and it wouldnt depart from me.

In the dream I went to a physic to get rid of it.
the physcic in the dream said, thats what happens when you get a little connection to the other side and decide to ask for winning lottery numbers. But no biggie, I felt relaxed.

She then summoned her assistant, which formed from mud, or clay, in a shape of a face of a younger girl (late teens to 20s)

Then she tried to spiritually remove the radios attachment from me, in which opened up a black oval hole Maybe in a shape of vulva almost. A dreadful scary female voice said out along sentence and i got the last part only. "do not try to open me up again unless you mean it"
I sensed and aura of intensified dark energy.

Then the physic was closing it "she turned to me and said, i would give you the words to open it incase you really need to, but i dont think you can close it on your own.

I said back i dont need to no need to ever open it up again

then she chanted her mouth moving fast, and it closed.

then her face pummeled in and she died. The assistant she summoned looked at her then me, then dissolved.

I dreamt really realistic nightmares before, but I always felt
power, to fight it, and woke up and go back to sleep.
But this one I felt my soul or me was really there, and I coudnt go back to sleep. It was the first dreaded, waking up.

In real life, this happened after I dated this girl that was into magic, I decided to also research how to get a Hex removed from me and put the item under my pillow. The same night I got the worst nightmare.

My Question is that is to Hecate worshipers, Could the voice from the black hole be Hecate? Annoyed from before that I tried summoning her to win the lottery numbers? (even though i
say i would build her temples)

Or do you think its the Hex removing item under my pillow?
should Hex removing items cause nightmares? I thought it relaxed me and removing curse so it should be the exact opposite of having a nightmare?