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Original Post:
by: Lobbie on Sep 19, 2016

Hello. Today I am going to talk a little about the the tree of Life (A.K.A the 10 sephirots of life).

What are they?

The Tree of Life is a term used by kabbalists to determine the 10 'factors/processes' of creation of life. In other words,it answers our question(s) about how we and every living being were created and what they were granted .

What are the 10 sephirots ?

They reveal the outcome of God's creations.They tell us what God has granted us.The Tree consists of 10 'paths'.

Kete r: The Crown
Chokhmah : Wisdom
Binah :Understanding
Chesed : Loving Kindness, Mercy, also Gedulah, Greatness
Gevurah ,:Strength, also Fear
Tiferet : Beauty, also Compassion
Netzach :Victory
Hod : Splendour
Yesod : Foundation
Malkhut : Kingdom
Names :