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Original Post:
by: Nymree on Jul 06, 2016

Hi all,

I will say here and now that this isn't a debate on Christian-Paganism. Through interpretation of various signs, I have gotten the impression that it is time for me to at least look at Christianity (whilst retaining my pagan spirituality) in order to grow my own beliefs in whatever way is intended by this.

This is simply a polite and respectful request for some sharing of knowledge. I wasn't raised Christian, so I have a very basic knowledge of the religion even living in the UK. I have been doing my own research, but unsurprisingly the specific "Christo-Paganism" searches are less than fruitful (I have been researching into just Christian beliefs, too, but as someone who is new to it all it is a little confusing to me).

I know Christianity can be a touchy topic, and I respect this and people's wishes to keep their personal beliefs private, so I do not expect anyone to share something they may be uncomfortable with sharing. But if any Christian-Pagans are around on SoM, or if you have a good working knowledge of Christianity other than orthodox Christianity (am I getting that right?) then I would be grateful for the shared information.

Again, I'm keeping up my own research and have developed one or two thoughts, but I was curious about the subject from "inside" perspectives. Sorry if this is worded oddly - my phone has a fun way of glitching on me, but I will check over this again and apologize for any typos or inadvertent implications/generalisations/ mistakes etc. when I've had more sleep.
Thanks for any and all replies made.

Blessed Be :)