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Original Post:
by: LittleOakley on Feb 16, 2015

Hello everyone, my name is Little Oakley and I am new to this site... I have this question though. I remember this dream I had and it's bugging me dearly, I mean it wasn't a nightmare but it just makes me wonder about it. In this dream I was going in a very large field and the grass were very green. The weather was cool, wet, and gray. Basically the weather is like one of those perfect rainy day weather. Also in the middle of the field is this very tall oak tree. to be honest I have seen this environment in my dreams a lot recently and when I do something strange but calming happens, except one time I had turned into a werewolfor something.I think it was a werewolf... Anyways if you guys have an idea of what this dream is trying to tell me or why is that environment is so important (I feel like the environment is important- maybe it's my happy place) and why did I dream that of th e werewolf? Oh and I forgot to mention in my dreams I always run on all fours, why is that?