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Original Post:
by: Thewitch46 on Jan 27, 2015

To walk the path of the witch brings much self discipline and challenges. Learning the history can be boring but if you don't have an understanding of the old ways you won't have the full experience. However, that is my opinion. Personally I find the history of the old ways very interesting. This is just a brief article of how to walk the path of the witch so I will make another article on the history. Next is training the mind. If you don't master meditation, visualization grounding and centering, and channeling your energy into your magickal work your spell/ritual will not be succesful. Each one of these subjects I will have an article about so don't stress. While in the process of mastering those learn exactly what a spell, ritual, invocation, evocation, amulet, talisman, and charm is. Study the different practices of magick such as white magick, dark magick, ceremonial magick, and high magick. Choose what you are going to major in. If you are looking for a belief system it's good to study the different kinds such as Wicca, Paganism, etc. Next up is harmonizing and balancing the elements. The elements and the earth is what you are gathering your energy from to channel into your spell/ritual. Not only should you utilize the energies within the elements, experience them. This means take a week just to sit in your back yard and experience each element separately. Most people start with Air. Simply closing your eyes and listening, feeling, and smelling the air, experiencing each one deeply will teach you about it. I will talk more about that in another article. Once you have an understanding of the elements learn to incorporate them into your life. Learn to utilize them for every day work, spell, and ritual.
Understand that being a witch is a lifestyle it's not just about the magick. It will take time, patience, and self discipline. You must be ready to face challenges.