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Original Post:
by: ShadowBonder on May 22, 2014

I know it takes a lot of meditating and concentration.. but I was wondering if there's any books or free online books that would help me understand it more. My friend told me it takes a lot of negitive energy and others told me positive. But I need to becareful because if I rush in it to fast I could get in serious trouble. I was also hoping someone could give me pointers... I tried to do something like pros and cons, but had no luck. I've been drawn to the dead for a long time now and would see shadows (I know those are common). In my sisters old house there was something evil about it she told me in one room she would fall asleep and then wouldn't be able to move and she had a nightstand in front of her closet door and it would slam open and knock the table over. This made me curious and I though maybe Necromancy would help me solve it?

Also, what ever it was it also tried strangling her and she would hear voices.

Sorry if this sounds confusing or weird....