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Original Post:
by: oakgrove on Feb 15, 2014

Hi everyone, I was wondering if artemis, rihannon, thoth or hermes is trying to send me a message, as I have been witnessing strange behavior in birds around me lately, I was driving home when crows swooped down on my car, I was watering my garden when 2 cats were sitting in my backyard, but there were also many birds on the fence too, and they did not react to each other, to be exact, the birds were ravens, which isn't very odd, because they're common in my area, anyways, instead of flying away when I watered the garden, they just stood there on the fence, staring at me, the next day, I noticed a huge amount of dead ravens on the side of the road and lots of galas on the streetlights, anyways, they're common too, so that isn't the wierdest part; the wierdest part is that on the car today, I was on my way home (I live in the country, in a dry area with farms and cows and stuff) a black headed ibis flew out of the long grass despite having stayed still for other cars and swooped over my car several times, Ibises, cranes, egrets and storks are only meant too appear where there is water, and my area is dry as dry can be. I chose to ask about the four gods above because they are gods of birds, if it was just ravens, I would dismiss it as Morrigan, my patron goddess favoring me, but there are all these different birds. I live in outback australia, so if anyone could find anything on the bird life there, it would be much appreciated, also, do not dismiss this as fluff, I am not lying, I take my practises, my religion, my path and my way of life seriously, yes, it sounds unlikely, but it's all true.