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Original Post:
by: Leprechaun92 on Mar 04, 2014

A friend of mine (he is a druid, and claims to be part of a group he calls the "Forest Guardians?) and I went into the woods for a camping trip and to practice some things. To make a staff, He cut down a small tree. After which he took a sapling and some dirt and placed it inside a split in the newly formed stump. I told him two things I always put into practice: never take from a live tree, and never kill a tree for your purpose.

As the night went on we could sense the presence of spirits as he tried to enchant the staff. The enchantment backfired, and none of our spells seemed to have any effect whatsoever. We did burn some insence which seemed to help.

Did we make forest spirits angry or was it just an off night? Also what was the significance of the sapling in the stump?