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Original Post:
by: User319704 on Nov 21, 2014

Metres Manbo Ezili Freda

Metres Ezili Freda is the Lwa of love,beauty,wealth her colors are pink and white she is a powerful Manbo in her very presence all negative magicks and poisons are spoiled.
She is considered "Lazy" in some Houses but to me shes not because if you know how to serve her she will answer your call but if you are a beginner to Vodou she might not come common offerings to her are

? Pink Champagne
? Fresh fruits
? Gold Rings
? Chocolate
? Water

She loves expensive things her devotees shower her with gifts she often leaves crying because the world is too much for her for her magick she is a manbo after all she can stop your magick she is a powerful Manbo she is synchronised with Maria Dolorosa,Mater Dolorosa,The Virgin of Guadeloupe,Virgin Mary depending on the House.
She is very complicated Lwa in some houses she is the sister of Ezili Dantor Queen of the Petwo Lwa.
She is married to Papa Danballah Wedo,Met Agwe Tawoyo and Ogou Sen Jak some in some houses is married to Ogou Ferrale others Ogou Badgri it depends on your house each house has their way.
She loves men and she consideres women her rival she greets men with hugs and kisses while women with a pink or a nod she is a extremely beautiful Lwa.
She is also a Jealous Lwa she will most likely ruin your relationships.
She might be complicated she might ruin your relationships but she is one of the beloved Lwas.