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Original Post:
by: User296396 on Mar 21, 2014

While I'm not new to magick or witchcraft, I am new to Northern Tradition Shamanism. I'm slowly but surely picking my way through, learning and soaking up all of the knowledge I can. I'm reading one of Raven Kaldera's books at the moment, "Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practioner". I'm very drawn to Freya, Odin, and Loki. Not exactly sure why (about Loki I mean) but he just seems to keep popping up.
I was hoping to network with other Heathens and others who practice the Northern Tradition! I love to talk, be it message or Skype. There aren't any other like minded individuals nearby, so I'm seeking out your company in cyberspace.
With that, I'm going to go back to my original wallflower state.
Feel free to message me if you want to talk or Skype.