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Original Post:
by: Alex.exe on Dec 22, 2020


I've had my pentacle for a few years now. It's something my mother passed down to me. Before I received it, my Aunt stole it and wore it without knowing what it was and just using it to be "edgy". My mother got it back from her and, from what I know, cleansed it and handed it to me.

I've had it around my neck for years and I keep it close to heart. I left it at a friend's house on her dresser. She returned it to me the next day and I'm pretty sure that's the only time she touched it, though I wouldn't know.

I've had it back for a few months now and I've noticed it started to turn black. I've tried cleaning it and cleansing it, but it won't go back to the way it was when I received it from my Mother.

Any advice or tips on what I should do? I have a nasty habit of overthinking and it's been playing on my mind... Any help would be much appreciated!!

Blessed be! :)