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Original Post:
by: SevenIsCool7 on Aug 04, 2020

So I had a dream it happened once and I didnt think much of it but when it happend again I started to wonder why. The dream aka nightmare starts off at my middle school. I am taken out of class and into a room with a balcony and tables. But my school doesnt have a room like that. I am in the room with 3 peaple. a 1 guy 2 girls. so we hear a scream and look out at the balcony and see a monster like the demagorgon and a spider. we stay quite and hide untell the other guy runs out jumps off the balcony and ends up getting killed. we all run as it comes at us we get off the balcony and are running on the street. Then I wake up. I didnt whach anything scary and didnt get scared and I wasnt scared. so why did it happend. Please help me