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Original Post:
by: SeleneSoleil on Apr 16, 2020

There's a certain type of adthat sometimes shows up on this site, being "Psychic Mediums" (A few examples by name would be Celeste, Padre, Cecilia, Mary & Christian, etc.). I've conducted an experiment, made a new email address, and put myself on these automated mailing lists, to see what they were offering.

Almost, if not all of these scams claim you "have a great future ahead of you" and "a huge karmaicbenefit just waiting to be unlocked". My only question is, why do these scams think they can get away with charging $50+ (claiming its a big deal when the initial value is somewhere over $100)for a questionable service? Or do these really work, and I don't know the true value of these deals?

Side note: One of these scams had the audacity to say they recieved "large donations from rich people", and thought $69 was a "small donation".