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Original Post:
by: Merydin on Mar 17, 2020

We are being bombarded by a continuous stream of negative energy associated with what appears to be a bio-warfare agent. The ?NAME? is being pounded into the collective sub-consciousness 24/7 from all media and government outlets. As most of us understand words have meaning and power.

The spread of fear and panic has been extremely effective. The crippling effect is doing more damage than the bio-agent itself. This is primarily physiological warfare as opposed to a WMD bio-agent attack. Moreover, it is also very effective spell-craft because it comes from authoritarian, believable sources. But the fact remains, this is an evil attack.

When warding off evil, one must first realize that the ?NAME? is its true source of power. It is designed to first infect the energetic body and thus make the physical body susceptible to both mental-emotional distress, belief control, and finally, the physical disease.

To stop and reverse this attack, say 91-Divoc (pronounce the "Div" as in division) several times, especially when you are receiving the ?NAME? thru communications. By repeating 91-Divoc you dispel the energetic attack, rob it of its energy, and reverse its latent power. You can also rotate your hand or wand counter-clockwise while repeating the reverse spell. Protect yourself! Try it and feel the difference!